Game Overview

Mini-game 1: Cheats and Geeks

Goal: Students race to become published authors.

Description: In this board-style game, players race against a virtual opponent to present their research.  Players are tempted by the opportunity to advance faster by committing research misconduct including plagiarism (copying the opponent’s place on the board), data falsification (moving forward without a roll of the die), and data fabrication (creating a new path on the board). However, they have to watch out for rising suspicion levels and peer reviews in the form of pop quizzes that test their knowledge of research misconduct. The first player to reach the convention wins, but getting caught violating the ethics code could land them in the Research Ethics Office.

Cheats and Geeks game screenshot

Mini-Game 2: Frenetic Filing

Frenetic Filing game screenshot

Goal: Identify the various types of plagiarism and correctly organize them into categories.

Description: With plagiarism rampant on campus, graduate students are assigned to assist with cases in the Research Ethics Office. In this fast-paced arcade game players review cases, define the type of plagiarism, and file them according to the type of misconduct. Players begin in Training mode and then advance to Arcade mode. Like “Diner Dash” this game is a race against the clock to get as many cases processed as possible before time runs out.  Players earn in-game upgrades, like coffee and sneakers, to improve their speed of reviewing and filing cases.

Mini-Game 3: Murky Misconduct

Goal: Analyze and evaluate complex ethics scenarios and develop a case against potential violators.

Description: In this noir detective game, players begin work as a plagiarism investigator in the Research Ethics Office. They evaluate suspect papers, track down evidence across campus, and compare passages for specific research misconduct violations. Once players identify a violation and have sufficient evidentiary support, they confront the perpetrator.

Murky Misconduct game screenshot